Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ella's 5th Birthday Party

What more can a 5 year old dream of, but a Nutcracker/Sugar Plum Fairy birthday party.  We even had a real ballerina come and give a lesson and a performance for the girls.  Their faces were mesmorized!  I had way too much fun preparing for this party, and Ella thanked me many times.  She had a great time!

Christmas Tree

We love Wreath Works, a little family run tree farm in Port Orchard.  The girls had fun, although were a bit cold.  But it ended with cookies and cocoa, so they seemed to perk right up!

Christmas Fun

The day after Thanksgiving, we kicked out the Christmas season by heading to downtown Seattle and joining all the yuppy Black Friday shoppers for some hustle and bustle.  Really, we just enjoyed the non-shopping aspect of it all.  So much fun!

Thanksgiving 2013

Boppy and GramMary were in town, and we all had a great time and ATE WAY TOO MUCH!!