Friday, September 13, 2013

Reese's No More Chemo Celebration

I love the Mary Bridge HemOnc clinic!!! We came for Reese's checkup today, and on her room it said "No More Chemo".  Reese skipped around the clinic the whole time singing "No more chemo".  It was sweet.  Then Reese got to pick a hat for her and her Dr, and everyone sang a song to her.  It was very special.  Reese received a certificate for completing her chemo, and a framed picture of her and Dr Irwin (who she now refers to as her friend who she loves). 

It was a special day and I had several conversations thanking the staff for being so great.  Our next appt is in a month, I can't describe how that feels.  We've gone every week for 24 weeks.  It's such a relief to know she is finished.  And yet bittersweet.  The patient in the room next door was an infant.  Yet again my heart was ripped out and ached for that baby and his/her parents. 

Thank you Mary Bridge, and particularly Dr Irwin and all the WONDERFUL nurses who have loved us so much!  You've have played a huge role in our life this year, and in Harper's whole life so far.