Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ella's a Rockstar

Last night Ella had a marathon dance session. She was out of control! For those of you who don't get to see Ella very often, meet the real Ella. She is such a spaz on a day to day basis...I'm just waiting to get kicked out of Gymboree because she's too enthusiastic and she runs over another baby...seriously though it could happen.

Ella learns to play peekaboo

So, one day Ella just started playing peekaboo back to me! After months of doing it to her she began to show that she understood what I was doing. So, while we were camping at Deception Pass State Park she showed Damon how to really play peekaboo!

Camping at Deception Pass

This was Ella's 3rd camping trip, but the first that was just our family. We learned from our friends that a "baby jail" is important for taking a mobile baby camping. We went to Deception Pass State Park and had a blast. It rained over night the 1st night, but other than that it was gorgeous. We had a ton of fun and Ella did great!

The many faces of Ella...

...needs no explaination.

Ella meets her Florida family.

Damon's cousin Clint and his wife, Lisa, and their kids, Cailin and Ashlin, came to visit WA a few weeks ago. So Ella got to meet her cousins and I guess second cousins or something like that. Cailin and Ella became fast friends!! We even managed to get a picture of all the kids sitting together; from left to right Ashlin, Cailin, Ella, Cooper, Sadie.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ella goes to Cali

Ella made another trip to California to visit all her friends and family. SHe spent half the time in Burbank, and half the time in Coalinga. She got to hang out with her cool cousin Evan. She also met her future husband, (hee hee) Mason Andersen.