Monday, March 22, 2010

Ella goes to visit Evan.

Okay, she also went to visit Amy, Ken, Darcy, Gabe, Steve, and Kristen. I think her favorite part was Evan's potty training, she found it pretty amusing. She also loved the giraffe's at the LA Zoo. Thanks to Auntie Amy, Ella dyed her 1st Easter eggs too. It's evident from Evan and Ella holding hands on the way home from the airport when we got there how much they love each other!

Ella the biker girl.

Ella is hitting the road!

Daddy takes Ella to California...without Mommy

Damon was a brave soul and took Ella to California by himself. All kidding aside, they had a great time and Ella was a perfect angel most of the week. They played on the golf course, A LOT. Papa and Tutu also took them to the Living Desert where Ella did some crafts with Daddy and posed as a rabbit. What a cutie!