Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ella is reading

Okay, not quite, but still pretty cute!

Budding Musician...or Bam Bam

Damon likes to call Reese Bam Bam because she is not the most gentle of babies.  She starts nice and gentle here, but by the end, is Bam Bam.


I can still remember the 1st time we saw Ella play Where's Ella.  We were camping in September of 2009.  So, when Reese started playing, we were equally as thrilled.  She gets so excited, it melts my heart!

Ella's got the camera

I didn't realize until later that Ella was taking a video when she walked into the room.  But this is too cute.  Notice it ends with me starting to lecture her.  Ha Ha.  Had I known she was a budding videographer, I would have let her continue!

Finger Food

Okay, this one isn't very "exciting".  But is there anything cuter than a baby learning how to eat?


 Ella began attending preschool 1 day a week at the Little Feats Preschool at Philadelphia Church. Damon and I got to meet her teachers and see her classroom at an Open House and then she started on September 7. So far so good. Today, she brought home a little apple craft she made and we all sang the apple song.

3 Generations

Too bad Greg couldn't be there, but we had 3 generations of Morris folk together a few weeks ago. The girls and I took the ferry to Bremerton and drove to Damon's Grandma Bette and Grandpa Orville's house in Allyn, WA. Damon works out there, so he met us there after work. We had a great dinner, and the kids loved playing in the backyard.