Friday, May 29, 2009

Walking with Daddy

Damon decided to walk with Ella the other day. So cute. Sorry it's sideways, but it's worth watching anyway.

Sitting Up

I feel like the developments are happening so fast that I can't keep up with it! Ella is now able to sit up by herself for a few minutes at a time. She still falls over eventually, so I have to be real close. But it's so fun to watch her play!

Almost Crawling?!?

Okay, well she probably has quite a ways to go to actually move anywhere...but to me it looks scary! As soon as that girls starts moving, she's never going to stop!

Ella's 1st Feeding

This morning we tried to start Ella on solids with some rice cereal. I don't think I blended the rice long enough, so it was a little too chunky. But, she did manage to get two bites swallowed. But she tried for about 5 minutes before getting too frustrated. All in all I think it was a succesful attempt. We'll try again tomorrow. I think solid foods is going to be a very fun adventure!!!

Memorial Day Picnic

On Memorial Day Damon and I took Baguette and Ella to Magnuson Park so Ella could watch the dogs run around the off leash area (yes Baguette was there too, but he doesn't actually run around dog parks). Then we had a picnic on the grass near the play area and Ella watched the other kids run around. It was a little windy for bubbles, but we tried anyway!

Ella's 1st Camping Trip

Over Memorial Day Damon and I, along with 4 friends and 4 dogs, took Ella camping. We went to Lake Wenatchee and thanks to Keri and Brad got a camping spot!!! Ella had a ROUGH first night, but thank goodness Marissa had ear plugs and everyone else is a heavy sleeper. She was great during the days, and did much better the second night. It was so much fun to explore the outdoors with them. And of course the stop in Leavenworth for beer and brats was a ton of fun too! Especially when Ella brought out the sunglasses.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ella's Noises

We hope you enjoy our musical daughter!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mexico #2

So, we have to share a few more Mexico pics with you. Although Ella wasn't sleeping through the night while we were there, she was cute as can be all day long and LOVED the heat. I think she really enjoys having bare feet! By the end of the week, everyone there (including guests) knew Ella by name and would come up to talk to us and her. Even one of the security supervisors, Leonardo, would come play with her every chance he got! It was awesome, and she loved the attention! And of course we had to throw in a picture of us during our 5th anniversary dinner. We planned a late dinner so taht Ella would already be sleeping. We put her to bed in her car seat/stroller and she slept through the whole dinner as planned!


Ella had her first international trip last week. We took her to Cabo in Mexico and we all had so much fun. Here are a few pictures of: Ella sleeping in her UV protective tent, Damon and Ella as Ella puts her feet in the pool for the first time, Ella and I at a restaurant on the beach, and Ella being serenaded at a Mexican restaurant in Cabo.

Big Burper

So, some blog posts have been a long time coming. I'll try to catch us up. But for now, entertain yourself with Ella - aka Big Burper.